Gold Standard Shunji

Let’s not be shy here, Knighty has been home to some of Canberra’s finest deejays over the past 8 years. Many of these soul selectors have come and gone, but they all call Knighty home when passing through to visit their mothers.

We all know how the tunes played in a venue can make or diminish a good night out. How often have you been to a venue for a drink and thought “this music is too intense! I just want to chill out.” Or perhaps you’ve been relaxing with a drink in hand since clocking off from work and been frustrated by the DJ who refuses to play something you can tap your feet and hum to?

Local deejay and turntable coordinator Jem “Jemist” Natividad knows this all too well, so we feel very privileged that we can not only count on him to set the right mood, but to ensure that those who are lucky enough to be chosen to play here, can step up to the mark and provide the appropriate vibe.

To celebrate some of the greats who have caressed the vinyl in the past, we have introduced the Gold Standard evening. So far we have seen the return of Rob K, Shunji, D’Opus and Mr. Cameron “Downtown” Brown – it’s been a great success and brought many of you out of hibernation on a winter’s eve.

The Gold Standard will be a recurring event, and we hope to bring home many more veterans of the Knightsbridge DJ Guild.

Only the highest quality scratchers and knob-twisters for our patrons!


Minky and the Knighty Crew


#KnightySafari Birthday Documentary

It’s time to get WILD and celebrate 9th year of Knightsbridge Penthouse – Saturday June 15th 2013 from 7pm It’s time to connect with your spirit animal, spin Paul Simon’s ‘Gracelands’ record, watch some David Attenborough, reread The Origin of Species,

Knightsbridge Penthouse of Horrors

Get your scariest costumes out of the closet. Knighty will be turning into a Haunted House this coming Halloween! Think frightening punches, mysterious martinis and Trick or Treat surprises. HUDAK will be providing some spooky tunes. Enter if you dare. Saturday

Aperitivo Hour

From Tuesday to Friday, when the clock chimes five until 7pm, you can enjoy a delicious Aperitif cocktail at an enticing price! $12 NEGRONIS $10 APEROL SPRITZ $10 AMERICANOS The perfect pre-dinner drink option. What is an Aperitif? It’s an alcoholic


Pronounced Sed Nuh-duh but known under a couple of other monickers. By all reports from you; this guy knows how to command a dance floor. His music collection is MASSIVE and his tastes are well and truly in every flavoured

Alex “Diddy” Harrod

Age: 26 Where were you born and raised?: Born in Canberra, raised as a good Yass boy. How long have you been bartending?: 4 years Where was your first bar job?: The Woolie Pub, Norwich, England. Pulling a lot of

KNOW YOUR DJ – Zachary Norman

The resident Ranga DJ who loves to inject a bit of dirty bass in there when you least expect it!   Name: Zach Age: 23 and a bit Where were you born and raised?: Uuuh, all over the place! Quite a nomadic

The Knightsbridge Jafflehouse is here to stay!

The Knightsbridge Penthouse is proud to present the late night snack option! Just what you need when you’ve a had a couple of drinks and you’re burning fuel on the dance floor or trying your hardest to pick-up! There will

Alexandra Gill

Age: 22 Where were you born and raised?: Sydney, but then got shipped off to boarding school near Melbourne How long have you been bartending?: On and off for two years but only properly for the last 5 months or so Where

Know your DJ – Jemist

Why should the bartenders get all the glory? Every weekend is a team effort; with the mood depending on the vibe manipulated by the sound selector – the Deejay. Name: Jem Age: 3 x 10 and a bit Where were you

Josh Nedeljkovic

Age: 21 Where were you born and raised?: Never liked staying in one place. Grew up in Clitheroe, a little country town in northern England ! Spent 3 years in Helsinki, Finland and then a year in London before becoming a Pom.