Know your DJ – Jemist


Why should the bartenders get all the glory? Every weekend is a team effort; with the mood depending on the vibe manipulated by the sound selector – the Deejay.

Name: Jem

Age: 3 x 10 and a bit

Where were you born and raised?:

I was born in the Philippines, moved around a hell of a lot (I talk funny because I grew up in Canada), but have called Canberra home since 1996.

How long have you been Djing?:

I think it’s about 10 years. I think. Maybe. Let’s not count.

Tell us about your first DJ set:

It was actually at Toast with my buddy Alistair – Typhonic gave me an opening slot for something. I had been buying records for a while, but never even considered becoming a DJ. We were joking around one day about the prospect of me becoming one, so he put me together with Alistair. About two records in we both realised I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and so we just rocked out to The Beatles for an hour.

What’s your favourite music?:

Once upon a time, I was mainly a jazz and funk sort of guy, hopefully you still see tinges of that at Knightbsridge. That still constitutes the major part of my musical diet – rare 7” records.

You’re in the middle of set, what’s your late night Gatorade?:

I like to keep things simple for everyone involved – double Jameson, neat, please.

What are your ‘flagship’ songs at KB?:

Early, it’s rare to not hear me play RJD2’s ‘Ghostwriter’. I had some KB regular from the early days that the song got so ingrained into her head that she ended up walking down the aisle to it.  Whenever one of us plays that song, you either have people Shazam-ing it or asking you what it is.

Most triumphant moment behind the decks?:

Right hand shot of tequila from Soup, mix the song from the left turntable to the right turntable at the same time, reach for a left hand shot with BK, at the same time as cuing up the left hand turntable with my now free right hand, swing the crossfader back to the middle and in the mix while BK and I have a quick whiskey. It was a complicated, yet swift 5 seconds.

Have you got a funny/irritating customer moment?:

All of them.

When you’re not behind the turntables, where can we find you?:

I will be basking on beaches and traversing hillsides in the Philippines. Or, on my computer, being a graphic designer and stuff.


Cookin’. Records. Videogames.

If you could do a set with anyone in the world (dead or alive) who would it be?:

Spinbad. Party jams and boom bap all night.

Favourite colour?:

Blue. No yel…

Where  would you like to see yourself in 10 years time?:

Running the best bed & breakfast, like, ever.

Tell us something random in 50 words or less:

A black panther is a black leopard or large cat with the rare and recessive gene. A spotted one is never called a Panther commonly unless you are referring to their genus Panthera.

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We’ll be closed during Easter 2013

Hi all, Just a little note to let you know… We’ll be gorging ourselves on chocolate eggs and fluffy hot cross buns from Good Friday to Easter Monday. We hope you’ll be doing the same – surrounded by friends and