Studio 34 – Knightsbridge Turns 8

Saturday June 30th


It’s been eight years for our little discotheque, lovely people.

Through the years, in the spot once home to party spots Meridian and Mortis, what is now Studio 34 has built an experience worthy of Canberra party people. We’ve seen you come for a sneaky quiet drink after work, and we’ve witnessed you dancing with pure abandon on our wooden floors until the darkest hours of the morning – a smile on your face and glitter in your eyes, your shoes a little worse for wear.This year, for our party, we welcome you back to the heyday of disco.

We want to keep partying with you, and we’re going to do it properly. We’re going to make sure the dancefloor is alight (metaphorically and, well, actually), and we’ve got the right DJs in the form of Cam Brown and DJ Soup.

We need you to dress to the occasion, which means partying like it’s 1978, and you’re out to impress with pure style – just make sure it’s dancefloor friendly.

Here’s photos of your Studio 34 crew showing you how it is –
Need more inspiration? Have a look here –

Check out our feature article in the current issue of BMA –

Join us on Saturday June 30th from 7pm, for an evening that will be a cherished memory for the many more years to come. Studio 34, Mort St, Canberra.

Extra love for any Andy Warhols, Michael Jacksons, Freddie Mercurys, Truman Capotes, and Liza Minellis.

Yours Forever,
Studio 34


R.I.P Donna Summer, Robin Gibbs, and all our icons past.