Spring Fling Cocktail Launch

Friday September 7th

Canberra – it’s been a tough winter. We really don’t need to remind you about that, do we? Nevertheless, just keep it in your thoughts for a moment. Hold it. Now, exhale – and let those winter storms pass.

In a couple of days, it’s spring, and Knightsbridge would love to celebrate this with you in the style we know best – a cocktail Spring Fling. ‘Spring’ in the sense of not only the season, but the little joy in your steps come the morning sunshine and flowering buds. ‘Fling’ in not only the flirtatious n

ight, but the carefree abandonment that comes with promise of a summer only a stone’s skip away.

We do have some delightful new cocktails for you to try. We’ve been hard at work trying to encapsulate what this wonderful season means to us, and on Friday September 7th, you’ll get your chance to welcome them into your life. Fancy some tea? To help you out, our new season cocktails will be $10 between 6-8pm… a scintillating start to your frist spring weekend. Nibbles provided.

Of course, Knightsbridge would only be but a simple drinking establishment if we didn’t provide an appropriate soundtrack to the evening, and from 6-8pm we will be lulled with the sweet serenity and blossoming talents of AMAX and Jacqueline & Mike. We cordially invite you to visit them on Facebook and say hello. We’ll be taken into the moonlight by our dear Jemist, whom if you haven’t come to know over the years, shall guide you gently into the party.

As always, we will be giving one lucky attendee (and a well worthy companion) a cocktail experience to behold. All you have to do is click ‘Join’ (aka ‘attend’) the event, and we’ll pick someone on Wednesday, September 5th at midday. Taste our cocktails, on our behalf.

Anyway, we’d love to see you here. It’ll be fun.