Canberra 101 2014 KB

Canberra’s 101st Birthday

Monday March 3rd

Some Canberrans simply relish the thought of joining the creeping convoy to the coast on the last balmy long weekend.

However, many Canberrans actually LOVE Canberra and aren’t so desperate for a sandy crack, and would rather stay in town to celebrate all that is brilliant about this city.

If we could start a list of unique Canberra activities, it might look something like this:

* Climbing Mt Ainslie in our newest athletica threads

* Finding a carpark in Braddon on the weekend

* Watching the water overflow at Scrivener Dam after the rain

* Driving past the lodge and wondering if anyone is in there

* Talking about when Manuka used to be cool

* Promising to spend a day at Big Splash next summer

* Discovering Costco for the first time

* Walking through Haig Park after 10pm

* Getting a Brodburger after a big night.

So to celebrate the 101st birthday of Canberra, we will be open on Sunday March 9th with music from Mr Michael!

Yes we Canberra.