Julius Yates

Age: 23 Where were you born and raised?: Born up in Lismore, and have been in Canberra since I was 6. How long have you been bartending?: Casually for about 3 years, but I got serious about it about 6 months

Elliot “Milky” McBride

Age: 23 Where were you born and raised?: Born in Launceston, Tasmania and raised in the thriving metropolis of Yass, NSW. How long have you been bartending?: Since 2008,  I started where every bartender usually does…picking up glasses. Where was

We’re TV famous

Eat, play, stay dropped by for a chat.


Let’s not be shy here, Knighty has been home to some of Canberra’s finest deejays over the past 8 years. Many of these soul selectors have come and gone, but they all call Knighty home when passing through to visit

Wet paint

We recently put the call out for submissions from local artists to give their best for our entrance wall. The E.L.K./Omar Musa street scene is coming down and something fresh is going up! We need a people’s choice award, so

Oh hi there

Welcome to the new look Knightsbridge Penthouse website and blog. There’s been plenty of changes during 2012 here at Knighty including refurbishments, service, and of course faces behind the bar. Earlier this year we treated the interior to a fresh